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North American Scum
I'm Morgan. 21. I'm a senior in college. I live in Atlanta. Every once in a while I'll talk about myself, but mostly I reblog whatever the hell I want. Deal with it.
Hey you guys

So tomorrow I’m moving back Agnes Scott to start my second year of college. Summer was nice but I am definitely ready to go back. Anyway, my point is that since I’ll be in Decatur, a much more exciting place than Snellville, and closer to many of my friends I won’t be on tumblr all day everyday like I have been this summer. I will have school stuff to do and friends. I mean, I’ll still come on a lot, just not as often. So I’m not dead, I’m just having a life.

You guys are the best. All 40 of you (I can’t help it that I’m popular.)

Posted on 17th Aug 2011 at 1:46am with 2 notes
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  1. littlearrows-ofdesire said: Whhhhhhyyyyyyyy ? >:’( just kidding, me too . I start next week! Ugghhh
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